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mall as soybeans, big potatoes as big as pil▓lows, colored potatoes in red, purple and▓ black, Shepody potatoes suitable for cooking French fries, Atlantic potatoes for cooking potato chips, and potatoes from Holland suitable ▓for cooking dishes. At the potato museum, the most eye-catching one is the real exhibits. Visitors mar▓vel at the dishes cooked using potatoes and the hundreds of new potato types that are displ▓ayed in the cupboards. 銆€ Vincent van Gogh's famous paint▓ing "The Potato Eaters" represents the internationa

l background of the small potatoes. 7,000 ▓years ago, people living on the South A▓merican continent began to eat wild potatoes as food; Peru ▓was the world's first country to plant potatoes; colonists from Spain took potatoes from the Andes to Europe; arou